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MACS Catholic Education

primaryweb 400Working Together in Mission with the local Catholic Schools

This really is the ‘go to’ statement for the ‘how to’ of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. You are the ones invited to ‘bring it to life’.

Saint Luke the Evangelist ~ the Local Catholic MACS Primary School

Our current Principal, Mrs Clare Ryan, comes to us as the former Deputy Principal and Leader in Faith across two schools, St Gabriel’s and St Stephen’s Reservoir and Reservoir East respectively. She began this new appointment on August 8th 2022. “I feel so passionately that as educators, we can help each child meet their own personal potential - academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is so important to partner with families to develop the whole child and it is these partnerships that l treasure. My other passion is my family. I am married to Mark and have three adult children - Jack, Cait and Dylan. They inspire me every day. I also love walking and socialising. Life is full. The future is always exciting in education.”

Thanks Clare for joining us here and we want you to know that you are truly welcome among us.

So, WELCOME to YOU too to St Luke the Evangelist Primary School. We are a community of learners who draw on our faith and the strong partnerships we form with families, our parish and the local community to be the best learners we can be. Research shows that when schools partner with families and their communities, outcomes grow and children thrive.

Our teachers are passionate about acknowledging the dignity of every child, ensuring individual strengths are celebrated and personal learning styles are considered when designing, planning and implementing the broad range of school based programs. They nurture the spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of our children. By being role models and mentors, teachers inspire our children to dream of being creative, innovative and optimistic young adults of tomorrow.

St Luke’s is a safe learning environment supported by staff, parents and parish. Fr Gerard Johnson leads our faith-filled parish community. With 165 children enrolled, we discover, explore and grow together, reflecting and responding to the world around us with a strong sense of justice in action and kindness in approach. We embrace the diversity of culture and faith within our school community and give thanks to our First Nations people for the use of their sacred land.

We would love you to visit our unique community here at St Luke the Evangelist, Blackburn South and feel the joy our community shares as they discover, explore and grow.

Contact details:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School Office: 03 9877 4023

20220801 Stage One of the Refurbishment is now fully operational


20201211 Archbishop's Letter to Parents of children in Catholic Schools about Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS)

pdf 20200728 The hour of the domestic church is now by Teresa Pirola (281 KB)

pdf 20200624 2019 Offer of Supplementary Capital Fund Support for St Luke the Evangelist School, Blackburn South (46 KB)

This written confirmation from the Catholic Education Melbourne Director of the offer of Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF) support to Saint Luke the Evangelist Primary School Blackburn South, will enable it to formally begin to engage an Architect for a long awaited and protracted refurbishment program in this School that will initially concentrate on Learning Areas, bring the infrastructure up to date and attend to some significant areas of wear and tear that require immediate attention.

20200611 Parent's Association

2019 external Catholic Education Melbourne quadrennial School Review Report said this about the Primary School here. Domain 3: A culture that promotes learning - “The school is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning. A high priority is given to building and maintaining positive and caring relationships between, staff, students and parents. There is a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support among teachers and school leaders and parents are treated as partners in the promotion of student learning and wellbeing. The school works to maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, inclusive and that promotes intellectual rigour”.

2018 School Annual Statement

School Vision: We are St Luke’s. A community of faith, learning and partnership. Journeying together, we strive to live the Gospel so that all may enjoy the fullness of life. We look with wonder at our world and embrace learning through inquiry, through action, through reflection to realise our potential. We celebrate diversity and we welcome the opportunity to live and work together. 

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