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Sacrament of Initiation: First Eucharist / First Communion

firstcommunion 250Eating and drinking with the rest of the community at the Table of the Lord is a sign of belonging fully to that community.

First Holy Communion, that is, sharing in the body and blood of the Lord at Mass (Eucharist) for the first time, is the climax of the initiation process. Eating and drinking with the rest of the community at the Table of the Lord is a sign of belonging fully to that community.

Confirmation is celebrated together with, or just prior to, first reception of Eucharist.

When and where?

The local parish is where children celebrate confirmation and first communion because the parish is their local community of faith.

Children who are baptised as infants may be considered eligible for confirmation and first reception of Eucharist from about the age of seven years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who prepares the children for Confirmation and First Communion?

It is the duty of parents and the parish to offer children prayerful and practical help to celebrate the sacraments with proper devotion and to coach them in the rituals of receiving the sacraments. Parishes conduct sacramental preparation programs that involve at least child and parents and assist parents to do their part in preparing their children.

What do the Children Wear?

In the past, the white dress and veil has been the standard dress for girls celebrating First Communion. Our way of celebrating the sacraments has changed over the years, as has the accepted style of dress for important occasions. What is appropriate will be influenced by the varying situations, traditions and wishes of the families involved. Matters such as dress will be dealt with at parish preparation sessions.


Please contact the Parish Office to find out about the Parish Sacramental Preparation Program and to make enquiries about enrolling your child: Parish Office = 03 9877 2292; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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